Business Partners

Sandra Bolin – Chair
T: 561.655.0620

Sue Recchia – Board Liaison

Community Connection

Laura Shaw – Chair
T: 561.655.1901

Michele Parcells – Board Liaison


Lori DeMayo – Chair
T: 561.296.3951

Michele Parcells – Board Liaison

Job Board

Susan Gavsie – Chair
T: 561.650.8336

Kim Ayers – Board Liaison

Legal Expo

Dawn Tasca – Chair
T: 561.650.8018

Susan Goldstein – Board Liaison

Media Relations

Sarah Steele – Chair
T: 561.355.8800

Dina Lotz – Board Liaison


Dina Lotz – Chair
T: 561.625.8311

Michelle Parcells- Board Liaison


Gloria E. Hernandez – Chair
T: 561.721.0400

Laura Shaw – Board Liaison


Nominating Committee

Immediate Past President
(1) Member appointed by the Board
(2) Members elected by the members

Past Presidents

Susan Goldstein
Sue Recchia
Debbie Giordano
Gloria Hernandez, CLM
Dawn Tasca
Jim Menendez, CLM
Mary Aguiar
Jamie Stanton
David True, CLM
Joyce Johnston
Audrey Yeager
Susan Jennings
Sandra Gronek
Lynne Duckett
Pattie Lou McElvy

Salary and Benefits Survey

Jennifer Tracy, CLM – Chair
T: 561.650.0684

Sue Recchia – Board Liaison


Jim Menendez – Co-Chair
T: 772.223.4312

Ed Ratka – Co-Chair
T: 561.640.0820

Susan Goldstein – Board Liaison


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