Business Partners

Sandra Bolin – Chair
T: 561.655.0620

Sue Recchia – Board Liaison

Community Connection

Mary Aquiar – Chair
T: 561.721.2887

Michele Parcells – Board Liaison


Debbie Giordano – Chair
T: 772.286.1700

Michele Parcells – Board Liaison

Job Board

Susan Gavsie – Chair
T: 561.650.8336

Kim Ayers – Board Liaison

Legal Expo

Dawn Tasca – Chair
T: 561.650.8018

Susan Goldstein – Board Liaison

Media Relations

Sarah Steele – Chair
T: 561.355.8800

Dina Lotz – Board Liaison


Dina Lotz – Chair
T: 561.625.8311

Michelle Parcells- Board Liaison


Gloria E. Hernandez – Chair
T: 561.721.0400

Laura Shaw – Board Liaison


Nominating Committee

Immediate Past President
(1) Member appointed by the Board
(2) Members elected by the members

Salary and Benefits Survey

Jennifer Tracy, CLM – Chair
T: 561.650.0684

Sue Recchia – Board Liaison


Jim Menendez – Co-Chair
T: 772.223.4312

Ed Ratka – Co-Chair
T: 561.640.0820

Susan Goldstein – Board Liaison


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